Dear subscribers and readers, after a long delay, a new issue of Raceme is appearing at Easter, with a cornucopia of poems, reviews, retrospectives and conversations. Contributing authors include Philip Gross, Alison Brackenbury, Rachael Boast, Charles Tomlinson, David Briggs and many more. For those whose subscriptions have lapsed, please contact bartonmj@blueyonder.co.uk to order a copy (£7.50)

RACEME, n. Bot. a flower cluster with the separate flowers attached by short stalks along a central stem. Latin: racemus, grape bunch

Raceme is a new Bristol-based literary magazine, published by Loxwood Stoneleigh, an imprint of Falling Wall Press, and co-edited by Matthew Barton and Jeremy Mulford.

The main emphasis of the magazine is on poetry and writing about poetry, largely but by no means exclusively from the South West. The first issue establishes a particular interest, which is to publish sequences of poems with contextual matter by the authors. We are also keen to see poems, essays and reviews in some way responding to or igniting from each other.

Publication dates: three times a year.

First issue: May 2015